Laser Genesis Facial

What is it?

The Laser Genesis procedure uses non-invasive laser technology to treat a wide variety of skin issues related to premature aging and skin damage.  It is effective in treating excessive redness, rosacea, fine-line wrinkles, large pores, uneven skin texture, scars and acne.      

How it works:

Laser energy is used to gently heat the layers of tissue in the dermis. This change in temperature in the tissue breaks up oil and dirt while rebuilding collagen and evening skin tone.  The individual treatment result can be subtle; however, the overall effect of multiple treatments can be quite dramatic.  To achieve quality results, 4-6 treatments are required. 

How can it help me?

Collagen begins to break down with the aging process in the mid-thirties.  Therefore, Laser Genesis is a great tool for clients 40 and older to increase collagen regrowth and rebuilding for more youthful, vibrant skin.  In addition, it is great for plumping the skin, treating acne scars and evening out the texture of skin. Your skin will be transformed from dry and dull to a more even texture and a healthy complexion as pore size is reduced and minor imperfections are diminished. 

What should I expect?

Laser Genesis is a 30-minute treatment.  Staff will cleanse your skin and place goggles on your eyes before beginning the procedure.  Your skin will feel warm as the laser moves across the skin emitting energy.

How can I prepare?

Be sure to avoid sun exposure for two weeks before treatment and one week after treatment.  You should also avoid steam rooms and strenuous exercise right before or after a treatment.  Always apply sunscreen to protect your skin from aging.