Facials: Benefits and Customization

Facials are one of the most popular treatments within the aesthetic world, so what makes them so popular?

As the largest organ in your body, it’s important to take care of your skin. The skin has the ability to renew itself regularly.  Skin cell turnover is an important step in healthy skin. Cell turnover is the repetitive process in which the living cells from the lowest epidermal layer gradually move to the top layer of the skin through exfoliation. Then these skin cells shed off, revealing more radiant skin underneath.

The cell turnover process depends on your age and skincare routine. In adults, it takes between 28 and 42 days, after the age of 50 the skin renewal process can take up to 84 days. This is why facials and chemical peels can play a vital role in promoting the process.

Monthly facials will help ensure proper skin health, so which one should you get?

For those who are looking to brighten, exfoliate, and fight the clock, the Bright and Tight facial is a great option. The SkinMedica Illuminize peel is appropriate for all skin types wanting more radiant skin with no downtime. A facial massage promotes blood flow to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and improve texture. A calming mask is applied, and the facial concludes with carefully selected products, leaving your skin refreshed and plump.

Have clogged pores? The deep pore cleansing facial is designed to help minimize the appearance of pores, improve tone, and treat those with oily congested skin and blemishes. The purifying mask goes to work to soothe, calm, and natural salicylic acid helps aid in the deep cleansing.

Need a perfect 30-minute facial? The “Mini Facial” is for you. An exfoliating cleanser is used to clean off any residual makeup, oil, and dirt. Enjoy a customized face mask, steam, and facial massage. Customized skincare applied at the end will have your skin feeling clean and healthy!

Try dermaplaning with any facial to remove for an even brighter, softer result.